A comprehensive topic on the production of goldfish in the slate

Producing the horny chick in the slag Slat must be the area of ​​the wire length meter height meter meter width This ar ..
A comprehensive topic on the production of goldfish in the slate

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Producing the horny chick in the slag

Slat must be the area of ​​the wire length meter height meter meter width This area will be sufficient to breed a pair of product
The greater the area of ​​the wire, the greater the number of pairs produced within the wire, the better the number of pairs within the wire
About 3 Ijawaz no matter how much area of ​​the wire so as not to affect the large number of couples within the wire over some during the process of vaccination
The female gonorrhea must be obtained and raised until the completion of the mastectomy within the wire. In this period, females should be female
To eat all kinds of seeds are recognized in the Canary food and boiled eggs and vegetables such as watercress and lettuce
By introducing some canaries with female gonads into the plank because this food is important in the future to feed the chicks
As for males, it is not a requirement that it be kept in a cage or slack. It is possible that the male will catch a month and can mate
In the Slack easily, a successful and successful way provided that the male Gali beak and protector ready to mate

Mistakes where the breeder is located
It is wrong to raise the females or males to be produced in small cages at the beginning of breeding and put them in the breeding season
Inside the slack this will cause the introduction of couples in the process of putting feathers early and the reason is the inability of the gardener
In the cage on the movement and weakness wings and flying in the slack for lack of fitness and activity as a horse jam originally in the wire
The avoidance of this error must raise the sensitivities from the beginning within the slack, especially females in the absence of male breeding in
Slack available for new male fishing is able to fit and mingle inside the wire without any problems

The m*ethod used in mating
We can raise males and females together in salakha and the number of males is equal to the number of females or female and male education
Separated and then before the mating stage on the first of February (2) males are placed with females and when mating between males and females may not be separated
Any mention of femininity and leave any of them watching the other or hear his voice in this case if separated from each other can not
To mate with other sensitive for this reason not to separate the pair mating or product is better except necessary provided that one of them
From the place where the other of the oddities that I have experienced through my experience in the mating of the sensitive is that if it is mated
A pair of sensitive people can not leave each other unless one of them dies, both of whom are loyal to each other

Processing the wire to the production stage
It is customary in our country to start the breeding season for the gorse in March (3) It is advisable to put a small branch of
Cypress branches in the corner of the wire because most of the women of the gorse prefer to build their nests on the branch inside the wire or put
A small nest at the corner of the slate below the roof of the slab is 25 cm and we should put a cover of the quilt around the place
The intestines stabilize this extruder out of the wire and it is advisable to place the sand in the ground wire
Nesting tools
The white cotton threads we use in the houses should be cut 10 cm in length, in addition to cotton and some sticks
The herbs are very high because these high sticks strengthen the wall of the nest for fear of rolling eggs from the nest
When a female puts eggs, she should not be disturbed by the sight of her
When the female is laying eggs, it is strictly forbidden to isolate the male from the female during the incubation of the eggs
Or having a chick in the nest because this insulation will cause the female to abandon the nest unconditionally I personally
Leave the males with the females the length of the year without separating one of them even in the period of feathering I do not separate them at all

Memorization of the language of the production
When the eggs hatch, the chicks should be fed the language to be reduced to the chicks produced by the tape or the bass
It has an excellent language and when the length of the tail of the chicks reaches 3 cm they must be separated from the father and mother and put the seeds for them
Such as crushed safflower seeds, Niger, flax, crushed sunflower pulp and a quarter of boiled eggs
Daily until the age of the chick larvae to the age of two months from the date of hatching can provide regular seeds for them
To what mention of seeds

These are the maize produced in the slate
These snails produced within the wire can be mated and produced in a canary mating cage easily because they are created in the cage
And do not know the nature they are attached to the cage and there is no difficulty in it and considered the snakes produced in the slate such as Canary
In mating the production side within the mating cage is no different from the mating of the canaries and the m*ethods used to produce the canary chick

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